Bits and Pieces

The bathroom pretty much "done" it needs some mysterious thing done to the electrical plug on the wall but this is pretty much IT. Rick has also installed a wire mesh magazine book holder behind the door and two new shiny chrome clothing hooks so the ugly white caked up hooks are gone. I still need to spot paint the door back there but not too much.
The storage unit under the sink is indeed a wall unit but we wanted something just like it under the sink so it went under the sink! I think its very cute there, its also out of the way but looks nice. I love little doors and windows. Finally got a new small garbage can tonight too, white ceramic.
I thought we needed a cup in there too and brought over my LES Girl's Club mug- the style of art on it is in perfect synch with the child-drawn look of the shower curtain too :)

The black q-tip holder is known as "The Thingamajig". Do not taunt "The Thingamajig".. ahem.. :) Inside joke. :)

We have decided on a floor from Lumber Liquidators (the one on the left, its much much better in person!) I personally will not miss the square piece floor. The kitchen floor tiles still have to be picked.

I like appliances that look like they could be little robots.

I have to have a cookie jar. So I now have a cookie jar.

Pretty treeesy towel rack Rick picked out

The cutest butter dish, salt and pepper shakers (and always remember the Poodle-man) and bottle opener, ever.

Some of these things I have been keeping for years to one day have out! That day is now :)

(And many of these things we have gotten or brought over have created many empty boxes.)

So far so good! Today we went to Jackson Heights and found the things that will be our curtains! We will be getting curtain rods tomorrow (i think/hope) then sometime beginning of the week install them all to get them up and finalize paint colors. We have color inspirations but its time to hone it in to something that can fit in a paint can :)

Halfway across the Williamsburg Bridge

The day before the snow came I was walking back to the old East Village place and passed the entrance to the Williamsburg Bridge and *just like that* I decided I was going to have a walk on it! I have never walked across it, so I decided to go halfway to over the water just for fun. And all I had was my cell but I took some snaps of my first trundle halfway over :)

You can see the Empire State Building and Chrysler Building- in real life they look much closer, my lil celly makes everything look further away than it is...

Art on the path, you can never look downtown and not miss the shape of the Towers even though they are not there they still are.


The last few days... weather and whatever :)

The grey day..

Then the huge white flakes fell..

All through the night it snowed..

NYC Was a winter wonderland :)


Solved that window problem, fridgey things too

The window issue mentioned here.. solved! And nicely so I think. We had been tucking a towel into the window every time and it was a pain, got wet, slid down the drying rod afterward. So the options were string a whole other curtain around the inside of the shower or a curtain in the window. Rick found a great small tension rod which I thought we'd never find, then I found the inside curtain. Not many nice choices. I liked what we had done so far in the bathroom and didn't want it ruined by something ugly. I realized if we doubled a pretty clear/patterned vinyl curtain in fit perfectly. Diffused the light, let us keep the window open if we wanted, and makes an ugly little window look cuter :)

I also like the leaf hangers we found.

The fridge side-gallery population grew. I found cute magnets of the Empire State Building (my fave bldg) the Eiffel Tower, and Big Ben. Then up went a sweet funny card Rick's mom sent then one she sent me :)
Edit- and more!

Handmade postcard for my story Happily Ever Over and a handmade Willow magnet from an Etsy artist. I love Willows.
Edit, during the construction process the willow magnet had been placed on the front door, and then it was stolen. So hopefully we will replace it :(


The last few days dinners and dishes.. :)

Just a streety scene, near the bus stop that takes me almost door to door back to my old place when I check on the babies. Seriously slow bus but back and forths can wear and tear on feet so if a slow moving bus wants to carry me along I will let it! :)

First serious cooking was done by Rick who made an amazing dinner (and has since made a few more and wonderful breakfasts too!) Nice to get back into having a real kitchen, can't wait until we are here full time!!

So cute too... I had secretly wanted these dishes and sighed over them at Macy's but left. The next day, Rick brought them home as a surprise without knowing I had wanted them! We also recently found the same dish set from what i think was last year's shapes. SO same lovely color/design and a WHOLE set of them (for four, 16pcs) for major discount at Bed Bath and Beyond. I was BEYOND happy. Even when one bowl was found to be chipped when we opened the box later they replaced it no hassle. :)
"Celestial" mainly squared, "Solaris" mainly round, I know these pix look different but its the same colors just smaller cups and bowls round.. so cool because we thought we'd have to buy one thing here one thing there.. we have an AWESOME set already!! :)

I have realized that all I helped make was roasted taties.. I resurrected an old enamel pan left behind by the previous owner.. it probably thought its panny life was over but its one of those old well made heavy enamel pans and it distributes heat so well- no more half cooked potatoes! We also got gadgets and goodies and yes even a toaster, which I have not had in years either (I know right??) But Rick has mainly been the one with his paws in the pans cooking which is wonderful and I'll get in there and cook, we both hated cooking in the old place! Now its nice.

What I need to find now is baking stuff like cake pans and muffin pans etc that are NOT non-stick. I don't want that non-stick stuff is awful, I don't mind scrubbing to avoid the toxins that gives off ugh...


Muskrat! (True Story!)

Swamp Bunny (Muskrat)
Originally uploaded by Sun Chaser.

Yesterday we were doing the very cute homey thing of choosing flooring from Lumber Liquidators.. and out of the blue a lady (in this very very small showroom) begins speaking very loudly into her cellphone. There is no way we could NOT hear her she was maybe 3 feet away. In a classic New Yawk accent she began to profusely apologize to someone saying.. she was wrong, it was all her fault, and from now on when she crossed the line and overstepped in her words.. "just say MUSKRAT!"

Originally uploaded by Wendilove.

I could have died trying not to laugh. Of course we have been using this now in many combos, starting pretend fights so one of us can say "MUSKRAT!", pretending the cats are saying it.. It's good advice really. Can you keep fighting if someone says MUSKRAT? Maybe but.. thought I might use this opportunity to show this magical Peacemaker rodent, and to post perhaps the only song that has ever or will ever be written about romantic Muskrats :)

Baby muskrat
Originally uploaded by natalia930.

Muskrat, Muskrat, candle light
Doing the town and doing it right in the evening
It's pretty pleasing
Muskrat Suzie, Muskrat Sam
Do the jitterbug out in Muskrat Land
And they shimmy... Sam is so skinny

And they whirl and they twirl and they tango
Singing and jinging a jango
Floating like the heavens above
Looks like Muskrat Love

Nibbling on bacon, chewing on cheese
Sam says to Suzie, Honey
, would you please be my Mrs.
Suzie says yes with her kisses
Now he's tickling her fancy, rubbing her toes
Muzzle to muzzle, now, anything goes as they wriggle,
Sue starts to giggle

This man is to blame for this song :)


Finally a Real Kitchen!

After all the delays the stove and fridge were delivered! Here is the "before". I missed the "fun" because I was back checking in on the furry babies so Rick sent me pix of our new appliance family members. I can now COOK something without worrying if its going to blow a fuse, and in a space larger than a toaster oven :) :) Yay!

We also have a new garbage can and recycling can, yay for new garbage collectors! :) They are all silver metal and black. We got the ones made by Simple Human. We also got the adj shower caddy they make too they make some great stuff.. The floors and paint in the kitchen still need to be done, the sink will be staying the odd one out for awhile too but nice to see we have a great cute (working) kitchen now.

Last Few Days..

Snow and Squirrels! I love that squirrels visit the balcony, one was staying out of the rainy snow this morning perched on the rail looking at me looking at him... we realized that squirrelies have been storing the sticks they use for making nests in the shelf of the old metal table that looks like its been on the balcony for years (and years!) I am going to metal-paint it and keep their sticks there after I'm done. No big deal to help squirreley neighbors out :)
DSC00756 on Twitpic DSC00757 on Twitpic

I love a Cloud Show

All in a Rockettes style kickline :)



A couple of mornings ago I was up in time to watch the sun come up and was so amazed what a beautiful view we have. It was unexpected, I saw the Moon too- hard to get on my camera plus it wasn't full, but will be so nice to see it on clear nights. So happy we have a nice expanse of sky out our window!

Click to the biggest version and you can see Lady Moon peeking through :)