Some new things :)

They are not even here yet but I am so happy they are coming today. Rick went on a bike ride and found them all in one place.
I needed a small side table for sewing stuff, he wanted a prep table in the kitchen and we both hoped for a coat rack that looked like a tree. So there they all were in North Brooklyn.
Not sure which one of these is coming but one of them is :)
Rick's prep table upside down or it's one just like this that they put together for him right there.
My sewing stuff table, simple and pretty.  I didn't want to get anything we saw reently in stores or if there was something in a shop it was "antique" and expensive, these are all from reclaimed wood and materials.  "From The Source" http://fromthesourceny.com/



I am all for the fridge gallery, and we have started ours. Housewarming cards from Rick's family and friends, my Plastiki letter and other fun things are on there. We had a nice magnet stolen from our door but when I saw this set of magnets on Etsy I got them.

How perfect they are for us! More mags for the fridge and one for the door :) (I also superglued the door one on!)


Bits and Pieces

Cassa back on Halloween!
First Halloween Visitor!
It was fun doing my first candy hand-out :)Our door decor actually for real scared a couple of kids!
Cornhusk Voodoo Beauties
Well isn't that part of what Halloween is about? All in good fun of course :)

Well I still have stuff in boxes and still stuff to be gathered up from places it was stored in Rick's family's house. We have a mantelpiece and bunches of other "stuff" yes probably 99% mine!
I am keeping this for homey stuff as it happens. I have been doing a lot of photography here in the LES and where ever we happen to roam- that is here: LES NYC Window. Many pix actually are out of the window here!

Not much has happened other than the general things that happen in a REAL home. That happy thing has not worn off :)

We have had a small thing to look out for- in our halls our all black cat Cassa has been blending in and getting bumped and almost stepped on so we have a lot of nightlights! Three came from RiteAid the other two I have had for years.
Two of these are faux aquarium styles with fish and shells and seaweed in them :) They also change colors- very corny and cute!

It's a lot brighter in person :)

Some Flickr sets:
Creatures that live and visit here
Our Christmas Tree
My Flickr page of all the sets

A VERY cool thing my Sunrise pictures from our window here were featured in Gothamist!

"A Year's Worth of Lower East Side Sunrises"

I'll post again here as homey stuff happens, I have some fun plans for our big mantelpiece- it's a real theater piece that I have had for years and it has been "living" in Rick's mom's bedroom! So when it arrives we will have a wonderful faux fireplace :)