One Day On Earth 10/10/10 Lower East Side NYC

One Day On Earth, 10/10/10 Lower East Side from cmerry on Vimeo.

This is my video I made for the One Day On Earth event, 10/10/10, on the Lower East Side, the part I live in so its really a day in my corner of Earth. I look forward to seeing all the videos as they come in since it was posted people were filming in every country on our planet yesterday. If they didn't have cameras they were sent to them and will be collected over the next 30 days. I know the lives of people are so different and I hope to see the good the bad, happy and sad- the real lives we live here on our blue marble. It will increase our understanding of our fellow humans, be aware of the happy stories and the stories that need help to find happiness. All of us live here, we need to know what the lives of others are like, this planet we share isn't really that big.
Hope you had a great 10/10/10 :)


I love our sky view

Hello clouds!

SOHO and 'round about over the weekend..

It was a nice day to run errands :)
See the whole flickr bunch here
And a few Twitpics here!


Kitty Model...

I asked Cassa my 18 year old kitty to model on the air mattress, this is what he gave me. Then of course after the pic was taken, he did some cute rolling around but I was not there.. :)


I'm not messy..

My room merely resembles shop windows in SOHO..:)


A walk to Kate's

We decided at about 1am to have dinner at Kate's in our old East Village neighborhood. I walked there from the LES, (Rick was coming back from work uptown) my fave walk is down Clinton to Ave B. I always pass the Williamsburg Bridge foot and bike path entrance. People are always on it riding or walking at all hours.

In front of Kate's was a *ahem* funny little sign..

Had our veggie meat and walked home via a stop at Parkside. It was a nice night :)


Bits and Adven-chores

Things that distract me from doing things I should be doing and my wander to the grocery store..
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Patches the Squirrel is back

..and he is hungry! :) I love Patches!

A wind storm won't stop this fellow all the other squirrelies have been hiding today!
DSC01451 on Twitpic
Sometimes he brings a friend!

The weather today..

Former neighbor :)

I would see this guy a lot when I would walk our Poodle Man. He really is this cute and friendly and he has cleaned up and organized the place so much it is fun to peek inside.

It's Time on 7th from Alexandra DiPalma on Vimeo.

Uptown Downtown..

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As long as you are cozy and love where you are...


A Lighting Extravaganza!

I love pretty lights
Artichoke pizza, early early so early it was still last night on TwitpicDSC00209 on Twitpic

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