Patches the Squirrel is back

..and he is hungry! :) I love Patches!

A wind storm won't stop this fellow all the other squirrelies have been hiding today!
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Sometimes he brings a friend!

The weather today..

Former neighbor :)

I would see this guy a lot when I would walk our Poodle Man. He really is this cute and friendly and he has cleaned up and organized the place so much it is fun to peek inside.

It's Time on 7th from Alexandra DiPalma on Vimeo.

Uptown Downtown..

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As long as you are cozy and love where you are...


A Lighting Extravaganza!

I love pretty lights
Artichoke pizza, early early so early it was still last night on TwitpicDSC00209 on Twitpic

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A Hoarder Puzzle!

It's called "Bathroom Sweet Bathroom" by Springbok/Hallmark, yes its a real puzzle. 500 pieces of cluttery cardboard fun.

A Message from Westville East

Oh heck ya! :) on Twitpic


Treats are Decorative

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It was Apple Day on Orchard Street Yesterday

Originally uploaded by happylolday.

A block of happy people! I did see some apples and some fast moving Poodle Action! :)

See the whole set in flickr here

I approve..

of hidden chandelier surprises..
(on my way to the Bowery Whole Foods one afternoon)
This is the ceiling of my favorite East Village Hardware store, Saifee
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The Upper Rust

One thing I miss about my old neighborhood, is being a quick walk down Ave A to this shop, The Upper Rust, filled with nooks and crannies covered in beautiful things. Ever wish you could peek into hill and valley and barn sized country stores and creep into farmhouse attics? They have done it for you, and you get to take home the prizes without the dust.
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Rainy day...

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Booda was using the cat laser-eye on the squirrel! Useless of course since you can spot the squirrel using his own laser-eye technique!

Rainy days.. make you look at little things too since you can't go out and stare at the trees.
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Also avoid doing dishes and instead of approaching the sink snap a picture for no reason...
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