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The Air Dry Method

Some nearby folks drying their jeans.

I use the air dry method for the dishes too! :)

The Moving Process..

...truly sucks! Wow what a chore, even more for me since I have literally walls of books and things (things things).

Mainly art and design related but a lot of personal stuff from the past and present. Dust has settled on a lot of it so its gets cleaned up on the balcony..

and then moved back inside. (These shelves are already filling up!) Ugh. Its too much stuff to just box up and say to a moving person, okay take it away! If we did that there would literally be no room to move! I'm more venting than complaining of course, I am happy to be doing this, but will be even happier once its done!! :)

Needs just a cozy place on TwitpicDSC01124 on TwitpicMore box nappin on Twitpic
The cats are of course having no trouble getting cozy no matter what :)

I added a link to my Twitpic pages over on the side here, I snap pix with the little cell phone and they get sent there. I have a bunch more things that show up on a semi-daily basis. One sad set, a deli that was the corner staple to us in the old neighborhood- they let the Poodle in all the time, has burned down. Several other businesses were lost (no one seriously hurt though!!) but its sad to see a huge section of the old neighborhood gone. I hope they can all rebuild.
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