Recent cute things...

The local Fine Fare grocery store had a curly patron shopping with his mom when Rick was there getting goodies for our first balcony breakfast.

He is discovering his inner top chef!

..and Rick's adorable niece was our first guest!

In fluffy tail news..
Patches our resident balcony Squirrel has made a nest..

When we leave for a few days to stay at our old apt I worry what he might do..

He has indeed added more cozy nest sticks to his balcony home!

Soon we'll be painting and tearing up and replacing the old floors. I wonder if Patch-master-P as Rick calls him, will help me paint with that bushy bushy tail of his!


Before and Afters :)

Before and After..


and After click here! :)

Before click here, After below :)

The Captain's Desk already in action! :)




Curtainy things..

Inspired by these colors..
Of course no walls are painted yet and no curtains are stitched in their final shapes but these are our main curtains. The colors are beautiful!

The Full Moon our nighttime Star :)