It's even prettier in person.

We had Two Boots Pizza on the balcony after we assembled ( i held nuts and bolts and provided moral support :) ) the little Bed Bath and Beyond table. It has a mosaic top and is very cheery!
Rick set up an impromptu "entertainment center" so I could watch the finale of Project Runway :)

.. and doorknobs! I love the loopy handles because you can open them with an elbow if your arms are full of purring cats.. :)
(We got them from Home Depot and they are black with distressed copper colored detail, so pretty!)


Under that..

Is a floor!


Other bits..

What the "bones" of the soundproofing looked like.
(It just looks like a wall now!)

Our new ceiling fan

The treehouse in-the-tree-view is budding again :)

Patches is also "building". He has quite a squirrelie fortress built!

Have to admit..

Seeing the place torn up is sad but it's all just the process of moving forward and is going to be great once all this is over... which could be tomorrow!!!! :) *cross fingers!*
Some pix..
All the innards..

Peek at the floor already down.. needs some sweeping but still looks lovely!

Last hallway leading to the back room, and that back room- is all that's left to do..

We'll see what happens tomorrow :)- or actually Today! Just noticed the time here :)



Starts Thursday!!! Contractor will be putting new flooring down and soundproofing on some walls and other bits and pieces... tear it up to put it all back in order again :)


No new before and afters yet but here is a "during!" :)

DSC00902 on TwitpicDSC00887 on Twitpic
DSC00904 on TwitpicDSC00885 on Twitpic
DSC00911 on TwitpicDSC00968 on Twitpic
I also put a whole new kitchen floor down.. :) (ouch!)