It's even prettier in person.

We had Two Boots Pizza on the balcony after we assembled ( i held nuts and bolts and provided moral support :) ) the little Bed Bath and Beyond table. It has a mosaic top and is very cheery!
Rick set up an impromptu "entertainment center" so I could watch the finale of Project Runway :)

.. and doorknobs! I love the loopy handles because you can open them with an elbow if your arms are full of purring cats.. :)
(We got them from Home Depot and they are black with distressed copper colored detail, so pretty!)


  1. Is that bamboo? Looks beautiful. Love the scrolly doorknobs too.

  2. Thank you! Those are oak from Lumber Liquidators. we considered bamboo but have a friend with it and he is not happy, some of the pieces have had to be replced already on his new floor and its just him in his home. We have us two and the critters! :) We loved the look of this so after a few weeks pondering options chose this. Its gorgeous :)