Bits and Pieces

The bathroom pretty much "done" it needs some mysterious thing done to the electrical plug on the wall but this is pretty much IT. Rick has also installed a wire mesh magazine book holder behind the door and two new shiny chrome clothing hooks so the ugly white caked up hooks are gone. I still need to spot paint the door back there but not too much.
The storage unit under the sink is indeed a wall unit but we wanted something just like it under the sink so it went under the sink! I think its very cute there, its also out of the way but looks nice. I love little doors and windows. Finally got a new small garbage can tonight too, white ceramic.
I thought we needed a cup in there too and brought over my LES Girl's Club mug- the style of art on it is in perfect synch with the child-drawn look of the shower curtain too :)

The black q-tip holder is known as "The Thingamajig". Do not taunt "The Thingamajig".. ahem.. :) Inside joke. :)

We have decided on a floor from Lumber Liquidators (the one on the left, its much much better in person!) I personally will not miss the square piece floor. The kitchen floor tiles still have to be picked.

I like appliances that look like they could be little robots.

I have to have a cookie jar. So I now have a cookie jar.

Pretty treeesy towel rack Rick picked out

The cutest butter dish, salt and pepper shakers (and always remember the Poodle-man) and bottle opener, ever.

Some of these things I have been keeping for years to one day have out! That day is now :)

(And many of these things we have gotten or brought over have created many empty boxes.)

So far so good! Today we went to Jackson Heights and found the things that will be our curtains! We will be getting curtain rods tomorrow (i think/hope) then sometime beginning of the week install them all to get them up and finalize paint colors. We have color inspirations but its time to hone it in to something that can fit in a paint can :)


  1. I also just unpacked many things I've had for years and never gotten to actually use. It's very nice!