The last few days dinners and dishes.. :)

Just a streety scene, near the bus stop that takes me almost door to door back to my old place when I check on the babies. Seriously slow bus but back and forths can wear and tear on feet so if a slow moving bus wants to carry me along I will let it! :)

First serious cooking was done by Rick who made an amazing dinner (and has since made a few more and wonderful breakfasts too!) Nice to get back into having a real kitchen, can't wait until we are here full time!!

So cute too... I had secretly wanted these dishes and sighed over them at Macy's but left. The next day, Rick brought them home as a surprise without knowing I had wanted them! We also recently found the same dish set from what i think was last year's shapes. SO same lovely color/design and a WHOLE set of them (for four, 16pcs) for major discount at Bed Bath and Beyond. I was BEYOND happy. Even when one bowl was found to be chipped when we opened the box later they replaced it no hassle. :)
"Celestial" mainly squared, "Solaris" mainly round, I know these pix look different but its the same colors just smaller cups and bowls round.. so cool because we thought we'd have to buy one thing here one thing there.. we have an AWESOME set already!! :)

I have realized that all I helped make was roasted taties.. I resurrected an old enamel pan left behind by the previous owner.. it probably thought its panny life was over but its one of those old well made heavy enamel pans and it distributes heat so well- no more half cooked potatoes! We also got gadgets and goodies and yes even a toaster, which I have not had in years either (I know right??) But Rick has mainly been the one with his paws in the pans cooking which is wonderful and I'll get in there and cook, we both hated cooking in the old place! Now its nice.

What I need to find now is baking stuff like cake pans and muffin pans etc that are NOT non-stick. I don't want that non-stick stuff is awful, I don't mind scrubbing to avoid the toxins that gives off ugh...

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