Solved that window problem, fridgey things too

The window issue mentioned here.. solved! And nicely so I think. We had been tucking a towel into the window every time and it was a pain, got wet, slid down the drying rod afterward. So the options were string a whole other curtain around the inside of the shower or a curtain in the window. Rick found a great small tension rod which I thought we'd never find, then I found the inside curtain. Not many nice choices. I liked what we had done so far in the bathroom and didn't want it ruined by something ugly. I realized if we doubled a pretty clear/patterned vinyl curtain in fit perfectly. Diffused the light, let us keep the window open if we wanted, and makes an ugly little window look cuter :)

I also like the leaf hangers we found.

The fridge side-gallery population grew. I found cute magnets of the Empire State Building (my fave bldg) the Eiffel Tower, and Big Ben. Then up went a sweet funny card Rick's mom sent then one she sent me :)
Edit- and more!

Handmade postcard for my story Happily Ever Over and a handmade Willow magnet from an Etsy artist. I love Willows.
Edit, during the construction process the willow magnet had been placed on the front door, and then it was stolen. So hopefully we will replace it :(

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