Color inspirations

So far... these are just photos with color ideas to shoot for.. we'll see how it all comes together. The concept loosely is to feel like you are in the colors of a tree then moving back further into the apt the colors of what it would be IN the tree, so really a treehouse color concept. The rooms will be different but this is the "public" areas. Kitchen will be a goldy green (no photo example yet). The back room will be a pale gold color mainly but will eventually be covered in books and things.

Still not def on the bathroom or the middle room. The floors are being re-done a dark chocolate hue. Ceiling will be painted too! I love color, so I want there to be nice cozy colors everywhere. :)

Halls and entryway color inspiration (this is just a pic I found I don't own this :))

Colors I want in the livingroom, coppery green and blues with dark chocolate highlights.

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